Equipment We Use

AT Mic.jpg

Audio-Technica AT2005USB

We use the Audio-Technica Podcasting/Streaming Kit, but the boom arm isn’t necessarily setup for all podcasts. We also use a basic foam over-the-mic pop filter that we bought for $15 a piece. All of that being said, this microphone has been amazing as we’ve started this podcast. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to begin a podcast.


presonus audiobox usb 96

This small unit has worked out great for the podcast’s sound HUB. Two XLR inputs allow for the mic to hook-up straight into the unit, and connected to the computer it’s control is intuitive as can be. I did have to purchase a few add-ons to make the headsets and everything else tie-in. Mainly 2-to-1 connectors for the headsets.


Elgato stream deck

The Stream Deck isn’t the first product you should buy, or the second, third, fourth, etc. That being said it’s ability to make your setup more efficient is incredible. This coming from someone who doesn’t utilize it as well as a Twitch streamer, or most other for that manner. I use this because with the touch of a single key, every window I want to bring up, or tweet I want to send out, or moment I want to record starts/ends. At less than $150, it pays for itself in the first hour of time it saved me. Don’t buy this first, but when you can - it’s worth it.