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It all started when…

At the beginning of 2019 I had a ridiculous idea that I would reach out to family, friends, and total strangers to be interviewed in my basement (I know) for the purposes of a long-form podcast. I’d recorded two terrible episodes of a podcast 5 years before, and knew I’d do it again in a very different way. After listening to The Joe Rogan Experience and Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, I knew that I wanted to have a similar, conversation based setup. Thus “Ten Tabs Open” was born.

The name came from a conversation I had with my brother regarding our crazy brains, and how we worked. Both of us work well when several things are happening at once, and he said, “Yeah, I basically have 10 tabs open with random sh*t all the time”. So yes faithful audience, you have that conversation to thank for this glorious experience. If you’re worried about the cursing though, don’t. My brother is the saint of the family, I’m the one that normally cusses like a motherfucker.

Ten Tabs Open is my third proudest creation. I have two sons, so… they win. I’ve interviewed friends, former teachers, non-profit organizers, bodybuilders, people running for public office, and we’re just starting. Thank you for listening. This is passion without care, and sometimes that’s the best kind.